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You described that, “the view that insights into future possibilities arise from a journey into the past, that seeks to liberate ancestral memories from historical erasure, in a search not for the end of culture and heritage, but for the chance to begin again.” With that thought in mind, when you peer through that lens, would you say you are looking forward, or back?

Simon Schama, a British art historian, once said, to experience ‘a sense of place’, we must above all use the archive of the feet.

To understand heritage and culture is to understand what it means to be human. Human beings are meaning seeking and meaning-creating agents. Human beings need to make sense of the past and present, in order to create a beneficial future. Heritage is a process of not just being inherited from our ancestors but also understanding the values and traits of our past, which possess great sentimental feelings and meaningful lessons of life, which every one of us should experience and acknowledge.

It is about looking forward, yet keeping in mind what is at the back.